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  • Welcome to Studioflex

  • Where tone is more than just sound.
  • Ultra Series

  • Silver infused conductivity
  • Acoustic Artisan

  • Scientifically Better

Welcome to Studioflex

Where tone is more than just sound. Sale Items

Ultra Series

Silver infused conductivity shop now

Acoustic Artisan

Scientifically Better shop now

Why Studioflex?

The Problem With Most Other Cables


“After giving Studioflex a listen, we were convinced that we need to be carrying them at our store.”

Leroy - Wild West Guitars

“I've bought plenty of hi-end cables and the problem with them all is they are all so stiff they become almost impossible to use in the studio. This one sounds better and is much more flexible.”

James - Studio Warehouse

“I didn't know a cable could make such a difference. It makes my guitar sound much better and more full sounding,”


“When my gear is sounding right, it motivates me and inspires me to play. My new cables have done exactly that.”


“It’s a noticeable difference. I recorded my Taylor using another high end cable then recorded the same thing using my Studioflex Acoustic cable. It was interesting, you could hear a fuller tone for sure!”


Even the most skeptical will hear hear the difference. People thought I was fooling them with my tone control while I swapped cables. All I did was plug in my Studioflex cable!


“It lives up to the hype! I'm totally impressed!”

T.J. - Sam Ash Music
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