About Us

About Us

It all started as a question, why do our recordings not sound true or the same as when it was live?

As a recording artist, we noticed our recordings sounded thin and were lacking in dynamics and soul compared to the actual live performance.  After lots of research, we discovered that the weak link in the signal path was not a setting or the gear, but with the cables.

Becoming obsessed with cables, we researched everything about them and found cables can change your sound. They actually do this by failing to transfer many important frequencies which will alter the EQ and tone. This results in thin, nasal sounding recordings that sound artificial and un-natural.

Our mission became to solve this issue ourselves.

Coming at it from an entirely different angle, we focused on overall performance and not price. We decided to use silver, since it’s the most conductive metal on the planet and superior to copper. Although it cost 100x more than copper, we found that it exceeded frequency bandwidths with astonishing durability. The results were so fantastic, we had to share it with others. 

This revelation drove us to create Studioflex and we hope to share our creation with you. Although we may be small company, we have a huge passion for perfection and interest to make your performance sound the way it was intended. So next time it matters, get plugged into a Studioflex.

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